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#40 Donny Beatty

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Name: Donny Beatty Age: 48 Hometown: Beaverton Ont Car#: 40 Years In Racing: 26 years Car Owner: Donny and Linda Beatty Crew Members: Stu Robinson Jr,Chris Palmer, Josh Gruntz, Ryan Connor, Trevor Sutton, Jeff Quantz Sponsors: Lakeside property and maintenance, Wintermere Sod Growers, Nick Oram Autobody, SGH Mortgages, Dales Transmissions, Durham Furnace, Steve Barret My Mechanic…

#69 Craig Scott

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Name: Craig Scott Age: 59 Hometown: Omemee Car#: 69 Years In Racing: 14 years Car Owner: Craig Scott Crew Members: John Findlay,Gary Harling, Harvey Sutton Sponsors: AMC DRILLING FLUIDS, REFLEX SURVEY INSTRUMENTS, DI-CORP Family: Monica (wife) Job Info: Manager of Hy-Tech Drilling Ltd Racing Accomplishments: Still addicted

#13 Kira Wallwork

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Name: Kira Wallwork Age: 13 Hometown: Peterborough Car#: 23 Years In Racing: 0 Car Owner: Patrick Wallwork Crew Members: Pat, Kira, Kyle Sponsors: None yet Family: Patrick Wallwork (old thundercar champion #23), Jacquie Wallwork, Kyle Wallwork, Mike Wallwork, Jordan Wallwork, Mackenzie Wallwork Job Info: No job Racing Accomplishments: None.

#53 Dave Landles/Mathew Spence

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Name: Primary:Matt Spence, Secondary: Dave Landles Age: 26, 56 Hometown: Peterborough, Ajax Car#: #53 Years In Racing: 8 and 9 Car Owner: Dave Landles, Julya Kawasaki Sponsors: www.Sellmunity.com– a world wide Internet  classified website, www.durhamfurnace.ca– Heating and Cooling, and Graphic Lettering Service Family: Dave: Wife, Julya, daughter Krista, Son-in-law Chris and grandson Dominic Mathew: Wife…

#16 Mark Lavalle

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Name: mark lavalle Age: 55 Hometown: Peterborough Car#: number 16 Years In Racing: 25 + Car Owner: mark lavalle Crew Members: brad lavalle ross evens Sponsors: Park Steet auto Mister Trasmission, Hamilton Rad, galvin bay park resort, bobcagyon vinal signs , running rite mobile marine, Family:  Laurie Lavalle, John Lavalle Brad Lavalle and Christen Lavalle…