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#07 Jack Dallin

by peterborough on June 3, 2012 in Comments Off on #07 Jack Dallin
four-fun 07

Name: Jack Dallin Age: 18 Hometown: Ennismore Car#: 07 Years In Racing: 0 Car Owner: JD Racing Crew Members: Doug Dallin Sponsors: Chumleighs Buy and Sell Norm’s Cash and Carry Parker Property Maintenance Doug Dallin Home Improvements Alf Curtis Home Improvements Family: Doug Dallin- Dad, Lauren Dallin- Mom, Jordan Dallin- Brother, Ashley Giunta- Sister, Allie…

#99 Chris Mulders

by peterborough on May 29, 2012 in Comments Off on #99 Chris Mulders
5_9_12 (165)

Name: Chris Mulders Age: 22 Hometown: Bowmanville Car#: 99 Years In Racing: 3ish Car Owner: Me Crew Members: Ryan Tyler Danny Sam Sponsors: Farm Bro Racing Link Greenhouses Family: lisa henk nick Job Info: Farmer Racing Accomplishments: ….

#73 Andrew Akers

by peterborough on May 29, 2012 in Comments Off on #73 Andrew Akers

Name: andrew akers Age: 19 Hometown: Lindsay ON Car#: 73 Years In Racing: 0 Car Owner: Andrew Akers Crew Members: Ron Akers Clayton robson Mat Buckley Sponsors: Akers Auto Glass Ok Tire Bravo Trailers Brigar Auto Sales Family: Ron Akers Lori Lee michael dick Job Info: Apprentice at Taylor ford Port perry Racing Accomplishments: none

#8 Ryan Babin

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Name: Ryan Babin (Straight Pipe) Age: 21 Hometown: Oshawa Car#: 8 Years In Racing: 0 Car Owner: Ryan Babin Crew Members: Crew Chief- Ryan Oosterholt Danny Harmer Brandi Booth Tyler Betts Sponsors: M.R. Automotive Family: Mother – Kathy Babin Father – Bob Babin Sister – Kaitlin Babin Job Info: Mechanic at M.R. Automotive Racing Accomplishments: Rookie

#13 Griffin Powell

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Name: Griffin Powell Age: 14 Hometown: Bowmanville Car#: 13 Years In Racing: 1 Car Owner: Brad Powell Crew Members: Griffin Powell Brad Powell Sponsors: Arcade pools Family: Brad Powell Crystal Powell Mackenzie Powell Bayden Powell Job Info: Student Racing Accomplishments: 2 CSBRA PRO championships