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#03 Kyle Hope

#03 Kyle Hope

by on June 6, 2019 in Driver Profile - Four Fun

Drivers Hometown: Oshawa, ON
Car Owner: Ken Hope
Crew Members: Ken Hope (CC) Kyla Simmons, Greg Simmons, Phil Brown, Paul Howard
Years in Racing: 6 years on and off
Sponsors: Residential Auto, The Green Window Company, 12FIFTY9 Graphics, Ken Hope Motorsports, EpiCinema Video & Photography, K & S Mini Ex Services, Sky Trek Aerial Media, Clarke Motorsports Communications
Family: Kyla, Mom, Dad, Greg, Linda, Karrie, Brandon, Zach
Job Info: Service Person
Racing Accomplishments: 2011 – 2nd overall 6 or less (Mosport), 2010 – 5th overall 6 or less (Mosport), 2009 – Sr. Lite Champion (Kawartha Durham Kart Club)
FACEBOOK: K.Hope Racing 03